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2010/04 release Action figure

Lucky Star Hiiragi Kagami Nendoroid No.27d action figure by Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company is going to release the Nendoroid No.28d Hiiragi Kagami ( 柊 かがみ ) Saitama News 65th Anniversary Ver. ( 埼玉新聞65周年記念Ver. ) action figure from the manga/anime “Lucky Star” ( らき☆すた ). Will be released in April 2010. Around 100mm tall, 3,333 yen. Saitama News exclusive. Only 7,000 pieces will be available.

2010/03 release Completed figure

“Boo Boo Kagaboo” Kagaboo non-scale PVC figure by Kadokawa

Kadokawa is going to release the Kagaboo ( かがぶー ) non-scale PVC figure from the “Lucky Star” ( らき☆すた ) doujin “Boo Boo Kagaboo” ( ぶーぶーかがぶー ) by Eretto ( えれっと ) from the doujin circle Utsura Uraraka ( うつらうららか ). Will be bundled with the manga “Boo Boo Kagaboo Bootto Limited Edition” ( ぶーぶーかがぶー …