Atelier-Sai is going to release the Hiiragi Kagami ( 柊 かがみ ) non-scale PVC figure from the manga/anime “Lucky Star” ( らき☆すた ). Will be released in May 2009. Around 160mm tall, 5,040 yen.

Updated with Price, Release Date, and pic for Konata (Feb 04, 2009)

You can per-order her here

Actually this post have more than this Kagami figure. I put 4 Lucky Stars figure into this one post because except this Kagami, the other 3 figures don’t have enough good photos to make them into a post by themself.

1) Hiiragi Kagami and Hiiragi Tsukasa figures by Atelier-Sai

This is the Kagami that we saw in the Hobby Complex 06 Tokyo last month. I just find this painted version in the Atelier-Sai today. They also has the Tsubasa, but she is non-painted. There are no information about this two figures at all. No release date, no price, and no size. The only thing for sure is they will be released in this year. (Updated Feb04, 2009) Price and release date is added for Kagami, but Tsukasa is still unknown.

I think they looks pretty good. They looks really close to the anime. I think they looks better than the Clayz ones. But since it is Atelier-Sai, most likely they will screw them up in the final production models. It’s my piece of advice. Unless they’re really cheap (like 3,000 yen or so), don’t per-order them yet. You better wait until you see the final production model before putting your money into them.

1.5) Izume Konata figure by Atelier-Sai

She’s just being added in the Atelier-Sai homepage. But don’t have any info at all just like the Tsukasa figure.

2) Izumi Konata and Hiiragi Kagami figures by Comptiq

Kadokawa ( 角川書店 ) is going to release the Izumi Konata and Hiiragi Kagami figures in March 2009. Konata will be bundled with the Comptiq magazine Vol.4 2009 ( コンプティーク 2009年04月号), 980 yen. Hiiragi Kagami will be bundled with the Comp Ace magazine Vol.4 2009 ( コンプエース 2009年05月号), 880 yen.

Anyone know where I can pre-order these magazines? My local Japanese bookstore wants my arm and a leg for them. And HLJ doesn’t take pre-order for magazine. Anyone know where I can get them in a fair price online? (-_____-.?

Lucky Star OP

Official Lucky Star anime homepage

Official Comptiq magazine homepage

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