Q: What is the password for the Makaizou files?
A: The password is Neko Magic:

Q: Where is the “PayPal donate banner on your right” that the Coming Soon post always mentioned?
A: We are working on it now! Will add it back ASAP!!!

Q: Why the header title fonts are so big in mobile?
A: Sorry we will fix anything related to mobile later.

Q: Your SEO sucks!!!
A: I know! We’re currently working on it!!!!

Q: Why some post missed featured images?
A: Our server is generating the featured images for this new website one by one slowly. As of this moment (April 09, 2021 4:28pm PST), it has generated around 37% of the total images after 16 hours. It should be finished within 2 days.
All Done!!

Q: Why I can’t login anymore?
A: We turned off the login/register feature since nobody need to have a membership to visit us anymore. Beside, we had way too many spammers from our old website so we removed all the registered users in this new website.

Q: Some posts are missing in the this new website and where I can find them?
A: We didn’t import every single post from our old website. You can visit our old website to see those post.

Q: Where is the old website?
A: You can’t visit the old website yet but we will put it back up soon.

If you find any problem with our new website, few free to leave your comment below or contact us at our Facebook or Twitter! Thanks a lot!


  1. Where could I purchase one of those figures by chance

    1. You can purchase those figures from our affiliates such as CDJapan, J-List, Play-asis, and HobbyLink Japan.
      If the figure is marked as “exclusive”, you can always find the link in the post to where you can purchase it.

  2. How can I purchase from Insight? Everything is in Japanese U_U

    1. Insight’s figures are 3D printed and super fragile. They break in pieces upon arrival in many cases. Therefore almost no online stores are willing to take the risk and ship them outside of Japan.
      If you’re willing to take the risk, you can find a friend who knows Japanese and try to order it from Insight with proxy service.

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