FREEing is going to release the Shrine Maiden Unifrom and School Unifrom set ( 巫女服&セー ) for the Lucky Star 1/4 PVC figures from the manga/anime “Lucky Star” ( らき☆すた ). Will be first released in “Wonderful Hobby Life for You 11″at WF2010[Winter] on February 07, 2010. Regular order will be taken at Good Smile Online Shop from February 08 – 13, 2010, and will be released on February 2010. 4,000 yen (tax in) for each unifrom set. Only 200 set will be available in the event for each character.

Izumi Konata, Hiiragi Kagami, Hiiragi Tsukasa, Takara Miyuki (Left to Right)

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There are the doll clothes for the Lucky Star 1/4 scale PVC figure that FREEing released last year. 4,000 yen for each unifrom set is kinda expensive to me. But when you compared to the 7,400 yen volks DD 1/4 Lucky Star uniform set, this FREEing set are REALLY cheap already. Well, the quality is in a totally different level tho.

Volks DD Lucky Star Sailor Unifrom set, 7,000 yen each.

Izumi Konata set

Hiiragi Kagami set

Hiiragi Tsukasa set

Takara Miyuki set

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