Reviewed by Panther

And here comes, at long last, the January Figure of the Month, the lovely Shigyoku Lynx from the Animal Girl Tandem Twin series! Shigyoku hails from a relatively unknown series in the world of anime or manga; she, like the other animal girls of the Tandem Twin series by Yamato, are only available in figure form. No known doujin of them are out. Now, let us move on to the lovely yamaneko herself.

General Information

Name: Shigyoku (Amethyst) Lynx
Version: Shigyoku (Limited edition)
Series: Tandem Twin Animal Girl
Manufacturer: Yamato
Scale: 1/6
Category: Ecchi
Release Date: 2006
Approximate Height: 18.5 cm / 7.3″ (excluding base)
Overall Personal Rating (10): 9.5
Estimated Cost: At least USD 100
Availability: Very Rare


Shigyoku is a very cool figure compared to most other figures out there in the same class and genre as she is. She has been described by some as “badass”, but I prefer to think of her as being very cold and serene from her appearance, and a circumspect and deadly fighter that can deal a lot of damage with her katana. Her 1/6 size looks small at first glance, but you can get a feel of her actual size from estimates regarding her kneeling pose in this figure. Here are some pictures of her from different angles.

Shigyoku is considered an ecchi figure due to the fact that her top is removable, and I have no pictures of her exposed top as for the original post, I was not allowed to have such pictures and therefore took none, while at the recent shoot, I had no time to take any of her castoff figure. A few close-up shots are shown below.

Her base is a simple elliptical with the words Tandem Twin and the logo of the series, the Leopard figure from the same manufacturer, imprinted in white against a black background. Shigyoku fits snugly around the logo when placed properly, showing a very well-proportioned image when viewed by a person from either the front or a higher angle from the top. There is no protruding stand for her to be fixed on, she is just placed on the base. You can also show her without it. The shot below shows her accessories, including her top when removed.

Shigyoku would fit anywhere on your desk, or display shelf, or even in a display cabinet. However a higher vantage point for her is advised, as her face is looking downward slightly. As she is a relatively short figure she should have no problems being on higher ground either, or around eye level when you sit or stand. A foreground position, if she is to be placed with other figures, is advised.

Overall, for a limited figure, Shigyoku has been one of my best buys. Less passionate parties may wish to get the “normal” versions of her, available in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Topaz. The colors are all indicative of her eye color, not her overall color scheme, so please be aware of that when buying the figure. As can be seen, Shigyoku’s eye color just happens to be the same as her overall scheme color, which is that of amethyst. That was all part of her allure to me, the overall blue-black and dark purple color scheme, one of the few color schemes that strike me very much.

Because of the rarity of this figure, it may be advisable to search sites such as eBay and Amazon for her instead of your usual online stores.

Shigyoku Lynx

  • Camera: Olympus Stylus 760
  • Location: Room (Indoors)