Reviewed by Panther

The lovely Shiranui Mai as illustrated from the Capcom VS. SNK2 fighting game is featured in February’s Figure of the Month. She was the covergirl of Wonder Festival 2007 Summer in August last year and this limited version of her, in blue dressing, is the center of attraction in the feature today.

General Information

Name: Shiranui Mai
Version: Covergirl Wonder Festival 2007 Summer (Blue limited edition)
Game: Capcom VS. SNK2
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Scale: 1/6
Category: Mild Ecchi
Release Date: Wonder Festival 2007 Summer (August)
Approximate Height: 29 cm / 11.4″ (excluding base)
Overall Personal Rating (10): 9.5
Estimated Cost: At least 175 USD
Availability: Needle in a haystack


As has often been spoken of this particular figure of Mai by Max Factory, the sheer size of this one at 1/6 scale while standing will tower over most normal figures, even those of the relatively same scale. Mai was very well finished in this one by Max Factory; notice her beautiful lines and sculpting. The normal one was already very hot in demand for its preorder (already released), so you can imagine the hooha over the limited version.

It was revealed not long before the event itself that this limited edition of Mai would be available in two batches on the actual day of the event. There would be a total of 1500 of her sold at the event, and a further 2000 made available via orders online. I am not too sure at the time if it was available as a preorder through certain stores online, since I only knew about her about 4 months after the event. However, this does delineate her rarity – you are looking at one of only 3500 such figures available in the world. Quite the feast for the passionate eye, non?

Needless to say, by the time I found out about her it was something along the lines of being very late on the scene. There was almost no chance of getting her four months after the event or so. However, I suppose there must have been something about mistaken formats and bad luck, that require a kind of balancing. For further information about how I got her, you may wish to take a look at this very early blog post.

You can imagine the problems her size caused for me while trying to take good photos of her. I was unable to use the mini tripod most of the time for her because the tripod at maximum height for the camera I used did not even reach her rack. That was simply the whole idea when I tried. So I had to try and steady myself using my arms and certain sitting positions wherever possible.

And yes, Mai still owns one of the biggest racks in girls from fighting games ever. She has been recognized, according to her Wikipedia article, as the main sex symbol of SNK ever since her appearance, along with winning two other top 10 awards related to game girls.

Obligatory shots up next as we take a look at her from two different angles.

A slightly yoko-pai shot. I turned her a little in the light to see if I could get a better shot of the face and managed to come up with this one. For an explanation of yoko-pai, see this article by Danny Choo.

The obligatory pantsu shot. Mai has been known for her dressing since day one of her appearance. This figure is no exception.

It is difficult to find a good place for Mai – she does tower over most other figures after all, and it would be an insult to keep her in the background at the same time. The best place is probably in a display cabinet if you have one, or on a shelf either by herself or with similar scale figures. Note however that her finishing for this figure is top-notch; I seriously cannot find another figure in my collection with this good a finishing as this one, though others by Max Factory, the manufacturer for this figure, came close. You should factor this in when deciding on a place for her in your collection.

An ephemeral and more well-lit photo version of her face, which I plan to make into a custom avatar along with one or two other pictures and graphics. You are welcome to make a wallpaper if you want out of this one, though at least show it to me when you are done because I would be very interested in seeing it. 🙂

Her base stand is rather large, as can be expected of a 1/6 figure. She has four points where you have to stick her onto the stand, but so far the best I did was three and a half because her right foot refuses to go into its point no matter how hard I try. There is a limit to how hard I can try before something gives too, and I know my strength is the kind that will make the figure break first before anything else. The reason I note her base’s size is so you have to plan, if you are getting her, for space for her (normal version obviously has the same size).

The official promotion picture of her that I found before I got her is below. I also cropped a square-sized avatar from it, shown after the promotion picture. If you are also making a wallpaper from either picture, let me know. The one of her full-scale profile would surely be great to use in a wallpaper. 🙂

I am unsure how you are going to try and find this particular figure, since it is over 9000 in rarity. A good try would be online stores first instead of eBay and Amazon, then moving on to the latter two if the first fails. However, it is a good bet that you will not be able to find this figure on sale anymore unless someone desperately needs money and wants to sell it off. I can hardly see that happening.

This is definitely one of the best buys I have gotten since the start of my collection. It is also one of the figures I saw that I thought I absolutely must have despite its high price and rarity, and I am very glad that I have been able to obtain one. Certainly, her normal version would be good enough for most people who are even remotely interested in such a well-made figure as Mai, but for me, the color blue and my love for it, and her illustration, along with my passion for fighting games (though nearly gone) and their girls, settled the issue for me in this stunning limited figure of one of the most well-known classic fighting game girls of all time.

Shiranui Mai
Camera: Olympus Stylus 760
Location: Room (Indoors)