Reviewed by Panther

And finally, for the actual Figure of the Month this month, we have Blanc Neige from the Shining Tears game! This is the swimsuit version of her as done in a wallpaper by Taka Tony, the well-known hentai artist who did the character designs for both Shining Tears and its sequel, Shining Wind.

The wallpaper also featured Mao, Ryuna and Elwing in swimsuits. All 4 were made into figures by Max Factory, of which Elwing will be the featured Figure of the Month in April. For now, let us look at the warm figure of the popular ice-cold queen, Ira Blanc Neige Gardenias!

General Information

Name: Blanc Neige
Version: Swimsuit
Game: Shining Tears
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Scale: 1/7
Category: Swimsuit/Mild Ecchi
Release Date: 2006
Approximate Height: 23.3 cm / 9.2″ (excluding base)
Overall Personal Rating (10): 8
Estimated Cost: 50-60 USD
Availability: Average


Blanc Neige is the sorceress/mage in the game Shining Tears who is well-versed in the art of ice magic, and she herself is often cold and distant till it is revealed in-game as to why she is so. You can hardly see her iciness in this figure however, as Max Factory does a good job of finishing up as usual on the sculpture of her in this swimsuit figure.

The original wallpaper that I mentioned at the start, which also featured the other female members of Shining Tears’ mercenary band Weissritter, did not have Blanc Neige in a 2-piece swimsuit, but in a blue one-piece. Either the sculptor or illustrator decided to change the design for the final figure, or Max Factory asked for the change. Either way, this one definitely looks better than the one-piece design in the wallpaper itself.

Obligatory shots up next with a yoko-pai (see article by Danny Choo about the meaning of yoko-pai) and a pantsu shot. Unfortunately I was unable to get a better shot of the latter. Something to do with blurring issues on my unsuitable camera.

Blanc Neige is easy to fit on either your desktop, shelf or display cabinet. Her height is hardly a problem since she may stand slightly taller than other figures, but her base is really small and will be quite the savior if you want some of the figures together with her in a group. Because of her radiance (due to her fair appearance and white clothing) it is advisable to have her against a dark background for the full effect of “ze wow”.

Blanc Neige should be relatively easy to find in online stores. Looking for her in a normal store may be difficult as they may not keep stock, and she has been out for about two years now. She is relatively cheap for a 1/7 figure. A worthy buy if you have the spare cash, and are interested in swimsuit figures, Max Factory-made ones, or, even better, Shining Tears itself. Of course, the best is if you, like me, love Blanc Neige herself. 😉

Ira Blanc Neige Gardenias
Camera: Olympus Stylus 760
Location: Room (Indoors)