Toy’s works is going to release the Solid Works Collection 2.5 ( ソリッドワークスコレクション ) Little Busters! ( リトルバスターズ!) trading figure from the eroge “Little Busters!” ( リトルバスターズ! ) published by Key. Will be released by the end of October 2008. Around 70mm tall, 630 yen each. Total 8 kinds + 1 secret.

We don’t really have any figures news this week but the only 2 we have are both Little Busters!!! Who’s your favroite girl? For me it’s Nooumi Kudryavka ( 能美クドリャフカ ) for sure. How about you? =D

Natsume Rin ( 棗 鈴 )

Kamikita Komari (神北 小毬)

Kurugaya Yuiko ( 来ヶ谷 唯湖 )

Saigusa Haruka ( 三枝 葉留佳 )

Nooumi Kudryavka ( 能美 クドリャフカ )

Nishizono Mio ( 西園 美魚 )

Little Busters! OP

Official Little Buster! homepage

source from Toy’s works