Good Smile Company is going to release the Nendoroid No.56b Pixel Maritan ( ぴくせる まりたん) Mission Complete! Battle Preparations Ver. ( 完了!戦闘準備Ver. ) action figure from the manga/novel/English learning book “Magical Marine Pixel Maritan” ( 魔法の海兵隊員ぴくせる☆まりたん ). Will be released in March 2009. Around 100mm tall, 3,500 yen. Limited “Assault battle Ver.” ( 強襲戦闘ver.) is availabe via mail order.

You can order her here

FYI, I couldn’t find a picture of “Magical Marine Pixel Maritan” title large enough for the banner, so I used another Maritan book title ” Maritan Centralized drill” instead.

Kawaii Maritan!!! XD She is so cute and her mouth is so bad, LOL. If you remembered the Griffon Enterprises Pastel Ink post, that “Fxxk my sister” was actually Maritan, not Moetan. It was my mistake. m (_ _) m

There are two version of this Nendoroid Maritan, 56a and 56b. 56b is the normal version, 56a is the mail order limited edition which is called “Assault battle Ver.” ( 強襲戦闘Ver.) . The limited edition comes with a different face, bazooka, and much more!

btw, I found some Maritan comic. You can find it on Maritan homepage or just download it here. =]

Download the comic here

Normal version: No.56b “Mission Complete! Battle Preparations Ver.”

Limited edition: No.56a “Assault battle ver.”

**Normal version on the left; Limited edition on the right**

Download original size pic here

Official Magical Marine Pixel Maritan homepage

via GSC & Hobby-channel