FREEing is going to release the Nagi ( ナギ ) 1/8 PVC figure from the manga/anime “Kannagi (Crazy Shrine Maidens)” ( かんなぎ ). Will be released in February 2009. Around 205mm tall, 6,800 yen.

What happened to FREEing? After they ruined the Kokonoe, now they decided to ruined this Nagi too? I’m really disappointed by this Nagi figure. She looked pretty good from the magazine scan. Everybody thought that she was gonna be the best Nagi figure so far, but she is not. =(

I think FREEing has some problem with the character’s face and the paint lately. This Nagi’s face is so weird. I think her eyes are too small and her cheeks are not sharp enough. And the paint…sigh… Is so plain! What the heck? Beside the skin, there is no shading at all. Other than these, I think this figure is really nice.

So far there are three Nagi figures, Kotobukiya’s, WAVE’s, and this FREEing’s, and they’re all coming out in February 2009!! Let’s see who will win the Nagi battle. =]

——Description from GSC——

Impurity is forbidden!

Introducing Nagi – the beautiful earth goddess from the popular anime series Kannagi. This beautiful goddess came into our world from a wooden carving made from the wood from the Kannagi tree, and now weilds a magical baton to purify all the impurities of the world.

This figure was sculpted using the illustration from the front cover of the first volume of the manga as a basis. Her eccentric clothes and baton have had incredibly careful attention paid to them, creating a gorgeously detailed figure.

Kannagi anime OP

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