Toy’s works is going release the Shana & Yoshida Kazumi ( シャナ&吉田一美) Gym Uniform ( 体操服 ) 1/8 PVC figure set form light novel/anime “Shakugan no Shana II” ( 灼眼のシャナⅡ ). Will be released in January 2009. Around 90mm tall, 7,600 yen. First production edition comes with dark blue bloomers.

You can per-order her here

As you can see from the above animated gif, their bloomers can be taken off!!! Wow, that’s something new! The bloomers are made of sofe rubber and you can take them off as you please. XD

But don’t except too much from these figure set, since they’re from Toy’s works, the quality aren’t really that good. Better wait to see the real product first before you order it. But for only 7,600 yen, I think this is a really good deal for two figures. =]

Btw, Toy’s works alse listed the Misaka Mikoto + Sister on their homepage too. Will be released in March 2009, 8,980 yen. But they don’t have any photo yet.

Shakugan no Shana II OP2

Official Shakugan no Shana II anime homepage

via Toy’s works