Volks Absolute Zone CharaGumin is going to release the T-elos ( テロス ) 1/4 nine colors resin cast GK from the anime/game series “Xenosaga III” ( ゼノサーガ エピソードIII ) published by namco. Will be released on January 01, 2013 . Around 460mm tall, 143 parts + decals, 50,400 yen. Kit is NOT prepainted nor completed. Volks Website Store exclusive.

I guess you guys might had noted that I took a break over the past few weeks. I only posted some figure news from the popular manufacturers and skipped the smaller ones. Therefore I missed these 4 GK from Volks and they had been released… OTL

Well, on the bright side, you can order those 3 GharaGumin and Volks will ship them to you right away. =P

For those who want to order this T-elos, you can order her at the Volks Website Store HERE. No, you don’t need proxy service, because Volks Website Store will ship outside of Japan now! =D

——Description from Manufacturer——

Gnosis Battle Android “T-elos” from the “Xenosaga EPISODE III” is finally released.

1/4 scale “Absolute Zone” series figure is being released as a color resin kit for the first time!
Every detail of the mold is worth your attention; every fine part becomes the highlight when in a large scale.
Tanned skin, white hair and lack based armor of “T-elos” have been thoroughly recreated with the part separation method characteristic for CharaGumin.