Volks CharaGumin is going to release the Revy ( レヴィ ) 1/7 colored resin cast GK from the manga/anime “Black Lagoon” ( ブラックラグーン ). Will be released on January 1, 2013 . Around 210mm tall, 42 parts, 12,600 yen (taxed in). Kit is NOT prepainted nor completed. Volks Website Store exclusive.

I guess you guys might had noted that I took a break over the past few weeks. I only posted some figure news from the popular manufacturers and skipped the smaller ones. Therefore I missed these 4 GK from Volks and they had been released… OTL

Well, on the bright side, you can order those 3 GharaGumin and Volks will ship them to you right away. =P

For those who want to order this Revy, you can order her at the Volks Website Store HERE. For some reasons Volks don’t have this Revy GK on the English site so you still need to use proxy service for her.