The winner of the Best Figures Awards of the year 2011 goes to Momohime by Alter!!!! Second place goes to the Black Rock Shooter Animation Ver. by Good Smile Company and the third place goes to the Saber ~Triumphant Excalibur~ by Good Smile Company.

Finally the BeFA 2011 is over and I can finally say something freely. I know I might be kicked out of the BeFA nomination committee next year if BeFA see this, but I really have it let it out.

I’m really happy to see Momohime took the first place. Like some people said in the 2nd Round, BRS made it into the final was because of the BRS hyper, not because of the quality of the figure itself. I would be so pissed if BRS won, LOL.

With the first 3 places, Momohime, BRS, and Saber, it makes me think that this Best “Figures” Awards is actually just another “My Favorite Character Awards” or “The Best Pose Awards”. It’s not the problem about the host since they really don’t have control over it. I actually kind of disappointed by the “majority”. =(

  • Winner: Momohime by Alter

  • Second Place: Black Rock Shooter Animation Version by Good Smile Company

  • Third Place: Saber ~Triumphant Excalibur~ by Good Smile Company