Welcome our new sponsor Big in Japan! Please do check them out. They are an online store that based in Tokyo. They have tons of exclusive figures such as the Hitotsubashi Kanna by Native that we saw on Monday, and their pricing are very reasonable.

  • Service:

Beside figures and other anime/manga related stuff, they also do proxy service for ordering ticket, cellphone, and video games. If you’re going to Japan for a concert or any event, Big in Japan offers you a proxy service for tickets for all types of events. Or if you want a Japanese cellphone that you can’t get in your area, they can help you to get one, same as video games too!

  • Shipping:

Most of the proxy services out there only offer EMS as shipping method, but Big in Japan offer EMS, Registered SAL, and Regular SAL! One of the greatest thing about Big in Japan is they can lower the declared value of the parcel for you (see “About shipping” in FAQ)!