Gift is going to release the Tako Luka ( たこルカ ) Scholarly look Ver. ( おすまし顔Ver. ) plush from the spin-off of Megurine Luka ( 巡音ルカ ), a popular singing synthesizer application “Vocoloid2-03”. Will be released in July 2011. Around 130mm tall, 1,886 yen each.

Here comes a new shoulder size Tako Luka!!! Love Tako Luka a lot, she is so cut! For those who missed the previous 3, don’t worry, Gift is going to re-release them along with this new “Scholarly Look Ver.”. =D But personally I want the palm size more. I hope Gift will release the palm size Tako Luka to the general public later.

  • Scholarly look Ver. ( おすまし顔Ver. )

  • Smiling Ver ( ほほえみがお ver. )

  • Kyaa! Face Ver. ( きゃーがお ver.)

  • Drooling Ver. ( よだれがお ver. )

**Each sold separately**

**Megurine Luka plush and each Tako Luka sold separately**

Tako Luka Tuna Fever