Bandai is going to release the chibi-arts Cure Marine ( キュアマリン ) action figure from the 7th “Precure” anime series “HeartCatch Pretty Cure!” ( ハートキャッチプリキュア! ). Will be released in May 2011. Around 100mm tall, 3,500 yen.

Cure Blossom (left), Cure Marine (right)

Here come the chibi-arts Cure Blossom Cure Bloosm and Cure Marine from the last Precure series “HeartCatch Pretty Cure!” (HCPC) !!! =D Cure Moonlight and Cure Sunshine is coming soon too. Get ready! Mr. Wallet!!! XD

A lot of Precure fans think that HCPC is the best PC series in the history of PC in term of story, character design, and animation quality. As a PC fan myself, I do agree about that but presonally I like the Splash Star series more. =P

By the way, the newest PC series “Suite Pretty Cure” sux big time!!! \(><. I consider myself a big PC fan, but I really couldn’t stand the it. I dropped it after 5 episode or so. =(

HeartCatch Pretty Cure! ED2