Atelier Sai is going to release the Twinkle Saber ( ティンクルセイバー ) non-scale PVC figure from the mange “Twinkle Saber NOVA” ( ティンクルセイバーNOVA ) by Fujieda Meyabi (藤枝 雅). Will be released in August 2008. Around 250mm tall, 10,290 yen.

You can order her here

I never heard about Twinkle Saber NOVA before at all! LOL. I only know a little bit about the author Fujieda Meyabi since I read one of his manga “Iono Sama Fanatics”. It’s a GL manga so I believe the Twinkle Saber NOVA is about GL too? XD

Compared to the manga, this figure isn’t looks really nice. Twinkle Saber is soooo moe in the manga but this figure just doesn’t looks like her at all. That’s so sad. =(

Some pic that I took from Fujieda Meyab homepage

Offical Fujieda Meyabi homepage