Some update:

  • Fixed the RSS feed!! I think it was down for more than 1 month…. Thank you Hirvine for letting me know!
  • This site is growing pretty good. We have over 350-400 unique daily vistors and 87 registered members now.
  • You know I’m not making money on this website, so you if you want help me out with some $$$, you can just click on thosegoogle banners. Just click them once a day is really good enough. =]
  • Finally I bought a new desktop!! It’s Core 2 Qual Q6600. My old XP2500+ can retired now.

Some pic of my new desktop with my loverly Karen-chan from the anime “Sky Girls”. =D

Asus P5K-E /wifi motherboard + Core 2 Qual Q6600

Holy big Ninja heatsink. This thing is big and heavy!

Lovely Karen-chan and Mushkin 2x1GB DDR2 RAM

HSF and RAM is installed! What? What HSF and RAM? All I can see is Karen in the photo! =P
Btw, I installed the RAM wrong. I noticed it after I took this pic.

Cheapo 512MB 2600XT video card. I’ll buy another one for crossfire when the price of this card drops.

Which pic do you like the most? Personally I love the 4th one. How about you? =D

Offical Sky Girls anime homepage