Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010 (TAF2010) was held at Tokyo Big Sight from March 25th – 28th 2010. 25th-26th is “Business Day” which will not open to public, and 27th to 28th is “Public Day”. This is the anime trailers part. You will see a lot of trailers for the up coming anime here.

  • 3D Demo of Precure the Movie All Star DX2


Can’t wait to watch this movie!!! But have to wait for the DVD to come out. =/

  • Black Laggon 3rd season


  • Black Rock Shooter


WOW! WOW!!! That’s Black Gold Saw at the beginning of the trailer!!!! (Oo.

  • Break Blade


  • Colorful


  • Gokujo Mechamote I-incho


  • Gundam 00 the movie


  • Hakuoki Geneon


  • Hakuouki


  • Hanakappa


  • Heroman



This show looks better than I thought. =D

  • Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri


  • Jewelpet Twincle


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