CM’s Corp. is going to release the ToHeart Collection ’09 Box ( ToHeart コレクション ’09 BOX) trading figure from the eroge/anime “ToHeart” published by Leaf/AQUAPLUS. Will be released in October 2009. Each figure around 100-120mm tall, 8,400 yen for 1 box (12 pieces), 6 kinds + 1 secret in total.

You can pre-order them here 

Remember I said I got the DVD set of ToHeart anime last time? I almost finish it, only have 2 more episodes to go. The story is sooooooooooo good that really touch your heart. No wonder ToHeart was one who changed the eroge history when it was released in late ’90s. If you have time and have extra money to spend after getting so much figures in this summer, I highly recommend that you watch the ToHeart DVD (or you can be cheap out and just d/l it from BT).

ToHeart PSE OP

Official ToHeart homepage

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