Alter is going to release the Akiyama Mio ( 秋山 澪 ) 1/8 PVC figure from the manga/anime “K-ON!” ( けいおん! ). Will be released in November 2009 on January 28, 2010. Around 200mm tall, 6,800 yen.

You can order her here 

Here is the Akiyama Mio that we saw in WF2009[summer] and Hirasawa Yui is coming next! I’m not a big Mio or Yui fan so my wallet is pretty safe. I wonder if Mio is wearing the “rice bowl” or not tho. As you can expect from Alter, this Mio looks really really nice. Everything looks really great and they even put wires on her bass! But somehow I think Mio’s face is a bit too slim and her eyes (the real optica ones) are a bit small. Maybe I’m too used to the manga version. =P

Who’s your favrite K-ON! girl? My vote goes to Azu-nyan since you know I like twin tails and loli a lot, how about you?

(From left to right) Hirasawa Yui 平沢 唯, Nakano Azusa 中野 梓,
Kotobuki Tsumugi 琴吹 紬, Akiyama Mio 秋山 澪, Tainaka Ritsu 田井中 律

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Official K-ON! anime homepage

via Alter