Here is the Part 2 – Sega & TAITO, the Part1 – Banpresto is here

And here is the links for the 13th Prize Fair:


This set doesn’t look so good. Their faces are kinda weird.

Wow! Lucky Star! I think they’re only 700-800 yen each.

Konata is so cute!

I’ll pre-order this whole set for sure.

Vol.2 of Haruhi Vignetteum Cute set

I have the Vol.1 set already, they’re so adorable.

I’ll get this set for sure. =]

Uniform Musume?



I really don’t know TATIO has prize figure for human anime character


Bloody gloomy bear

I used to love them so much

Taro-kun =D

This is the large version of the Revoltech one!!!

The Revoltech ones are only 115mm tall, this ones are 150mm tall!


via Dengeki online