As I promised yesterday, I’m going to post the 14th Prize Fair today. The 14th Prize Fair was hold in the Chiba Makuhari Messe Internation Convention Complex on November 06, 2008. The figures that you see here are going to be released between April – June 2009.

This is Part1 – Banpresto, Part2 – Sega & TAITO is here.

And here is the links for the 13th Prize Fair:

My all time fav anime EVA.

Since I don’t watch Gundam, I really have no idea who she is.

And really have no idea which Gundam series does she come from.

Another I-don’t-know-who-she-is


Wow! This Zenge-chan figure is so cute! I’m going to pre-order her! =D

Soooooo much better than the Nagi one!!! (Oo.

Kizaki Emi from Linebarrels of Iron

The one from Kotobukiya is so much better.

But since it’s just a prize figure, you can’t really compare them.

but it’s really not bad for only 1,500 yen

Wow! Satoko in school swimsuit!!! =9

Aren’t we saw this one from the 13th Prize Fair? XD

Wow! This Rena is great!!! I love her scary look!!!

I would love to have her in my collection.

via Dengeki online