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Coming Soon

Coming Soon – April week 3, 2015:

The Buy/Sell section is almost done! Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it this week! =D Togo Mimori, Super Pochaco by FuRyu Takara Miyuki Miyuki Cosplay Ver. by SEGA PM Sinon GGO Ver.2 by SEGA Natuiro Shojo Manatu-chan by Orchidseed Chitose, Mary by Native Doronjo by PLUM AGP Yamato Kai by Bandai Hestia, Ogata Chieri …

Coming Soon

Coming Soon – May week 4, 2010:

Sorry for lack of update this weekend. I’m going to meet the case manager on Monday (Tomorrow!) for the self employment prgrom that I mentioned last week, so I’m working my @ss off for the business plan and the financial plan these days. Wish me good luck tomorrow! =]