Resinya is going to relesae the Christina Rey Holden ( クリスティナ・レイ・ホールデン ) 1/6 PVC figure from the manga “Shina Dark ~King of Dark Moon and Blue Moon’s Princess~” ( シャイナ・ダルク 〜黒き月の王と蒼碧の月の姫君〜 ) currently serialized in Dengeki Daioh. Will be release in October 2009. Around 125mm tall, 8,477 yen. GEE limited Whitedress Ver. will be also available.

You can pre-order her here 

How many people here read this manga? Currently there are 4 volumes of the manga so far, and I could only get my hand on the first two. By looking at this figure, you can pretty much know that Christian isn’t my favorite character, lol. My favour one is the little maid Noel. Anyway, this figure is sculptured by one of my favour sculptor Hiroshi from Sakurazensen ( 桜前線 ). This Christina figure looks really nice, beside her eyes (the optica eyes, lol) looks a little bit small, everything looks really great too me.

There was a DVD bundled with the Volume 4 manga which contains 4 music videos. I found it on Youtube and you can watch it below. I really wonder why Youtube doesn’t ban this video clip since there are couple *bare eyes scenes in the chip. =P

GEE limited Whitedress Ver.

Shina Dark music video (18+ ?)

Dengeki website for Shina Dark

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