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Here is what I get in May. I guess a lot of you know that HLJ is having a big sale now. I bought a lot of stuff and more stuff are still coming. (@@.

The shipping a lone cost me over $60… (T T.

There are just part of it. I got the Mikkumiku Kagami and the Mini Danboard days later after I took this pic.

Yup, I bought another set of Alice in POP wonderland! But in order to cover the $60 shipping cost, I have to sell them on ebay. =(

I watched this anime when I was like… 3yrs old?


More Gundam!

Petit EVA! Only get the Shinj and Ayanami, should get Asuka too.


Ashita on Joe, I never see the manga/anime, but I always see this scene in other manga.

Hoshimura Makina!

My first THEiDOLM@STER Fraulein, I guess I’ll collect the whole set.

Lucky Star Mini Display Vol.1! =D

TA DA~! The Amazon Limited edition Mini DanBoard!

My friend’s cousin (in Japan) bought 2 for my friend and me in Dec last year, and we just got them couple week ago.

Mini DanBoard + Mini Cooper =P

Our Toro-kun!! No more bully by the Lucky Star girls. =P

Mikkumiku Kagami =]