Organic is going to release the Shigofumi Fumika ( シゴフミ フミカ) non-scale PVC figure from the anime/light novel “Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed” ( シゴフミ ). Will be released in March 2009, 7,140 yen.

You can order her here

Shigofumi was the anime that aired in the beginning of this year. For some reason I thought that it was just a spinoff of the other anime “Shinigami no Ballad” so I didn’t watch it. I was totally wrong of coz. Now this figure makes me want to watch the anime now! Espeically after I watched the OP. Do they have fansub out there? =D

This figure looks pretty cool. I think Organic is getting better and better. Too bad there are really not enough info about this figure. We don’t even know the scale and the size of her. If she is around 1/8, then the price tag of 7,140 yen is pretty high for the figure from Oragnic. Maybe she is 1/6?

Shigofumi anime OP

Official Shigofumi anime homepage

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