Another monthly update! I feel like I just did the news update not long ago since I was 2 weeks late for the update last month. You may noted some changed here in Nekomagic. Yes, I did something to it. You will see the detail below. As usual, I’ll post the stat here and the toys that I bought in November. =]

Site Update:

  • We upgraded from WordPress ver.2.6 to ver.2.6.5. If you had trouble to connect to us yesterday at around PST 3pm, it was because I was doing the upgrade.
  • Couple plugins were added:
    • SEO Smart Links: Now you should be able to see the name of the manufacturers (e.g. Max Factory, Kotobukiya, FREEing) and some of the series (e.g. figma, Ikkitousen, ToHeart2) are linked to related pages. Will add the names of the characters too when I have time.
    • SEO Friendly Images: Alternate text is added to all the images in the archives. I hope this will bring us more visitors from search engine.
    • WordPress Gravatars: You should see your avater beside your comments now.
    • WP-Polls: We can add poll now!! Scroll down to the bottom to try our poll now! =D
  • I’m thinking to add a “Buy & Sell” section. It’s open to everybody. So you can sell your figure/anime/manga related stuff here. What do you think? =]


  • As of this moment, is ranked 144,864.(was 155,193 half month ago). I guess we will be at around 145,00 for awhile since our ranking dropped pretty bad 2 weeks ago due to lack of update. =/
  • We have 980 registered user, 182 feed subscribers, and 89 email subscribers now. Cool, we’re still growing pretty good. =D


Anyway, here are the stuff that I got in November.

As I said in the October news update, since I’m still unemployed, I didn’t buy much stuff in last month.

Yea you’re right, I got myself an iPhone 3G. That was where all my money went. XD

Onodera Karen from “Please Twins” by GSC. She is always my fav character.

みくみくにしてあげる!! Yea, I got the cheapo SEGA Prize Hatsune Miku. XD

Izmui from “He is my Master”. Some times it’s still no use even if you pre-ordered your figure. I pre-ordered both Izumi and Anna like 4 months ago, but the store only gave me this Izumi, No Anna for me. =/

These armor trading figures were on sale, so I bought 4 of them.

I only want those Japanese shogun helmet actually.

But I always have bad luck for trading figure or gashopon… I only got 1 Japan shogun helmet and got 3 same armors… (-________-.

This is the reason why I bought those helmet.

Aren’t they look cool? =D

Seems like it’s a little bit big for Lucchini-chan

But it looks prefect on Yuki!!! XD

Wow, Yuki is so moe!

See those pin like things holding her twin tails? Her twin tails are so big and heavy.

I think she’s gonna have leaning problem really soon. =(

figma Miku Vs. SEGE Prize Miku

I put Karen on top of my PC tower which is in front of me now. =D

Since it’s Nekomagic news update, how could we missed Toro-kun? Tsukasa just joined the Lucky Star bully team!


Let me try out the new poll feature that I just added. =D

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