Kotobukiya is going to release the One Coin Grande Figure Collection Sengoku Basara -First- ( ワンコイングランデ 戦国BASARA~第壱陣~ ) trading figure from the video game series/up coming anime “Sengoku Basara” ( 戦国BASARA ). Will be released in May 2009. Around 55mm-60mm tall, 600 yen each. 9 kinds + 1 secert.

I was gonna post this last night but I felt sick and went to bed early so I forgot. =P

Anyway, here is this poll again. I know it’s kinda annoying, but I really need the data to bring it to the Nekomagic Shop meeting this weekend, so please bear with me for one more week. We really need your help for our coming Nekomagic Shop. We wouldn’t be able to bring you everything yet. We will start with Revoltech or figma first. But we still need to decide which series to go with. Please Vote! =D

Here is the poll for the coming Nekomagic Shop

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Sengoku Basara anime trailer

Official Sengoku Basara anime homepage

via Kotobukiya