Good Smile Company is going to release the Nendoroid Play Set #02: Japanese Life ( ねんどろいどプレイセット#02 和の暮らし ) Set A – Dining Set ( 食卓セット) & Set B – Guestroom Set ( 客間セット ) . Will be released in June 2009. Around 160mm in height, 1,890 yen.

You can order Set A here

You can order Set B here

Another new Play Sets to have fun with your Nendoroids!!! =D

——Description from Manufacturer——

A new way to enjoy Nendoroids!

A new diorama set brought to you by Phat Company, to build onto the Nendoroid world!

This second play set is a traditional Japanese-style room, that truly brings out a Japanese atmosphere. It has been separated into two sets- A set includes the Japanese sliding door and the dining table, B set includes a guest room fitted with a sliding screen.

  • The set is very detailed. Even the grain between the separate tatami mats differ.
  • Small details such as the grilled fish and bear carving placed on the dining table, help bring out more of an atmosphere.
  • The A set and the B set can be placed together to form one large room.
  • Both the height and width match each other, creating a new display space for your Nendoroids.

Set#02 A Contents:

2 walls (sliding door and clay wall), a floor base (tatami type A), chest of drawers, bear sculpture, cushion, a rice bowl, a soup bowl, chopsticks, grilled fish (on a plate), joints to hold items and stickers (for the calender)

Set#02 B Contents:

2 walls (sliding screen and alcove wall), a floor base (tatami type B), pot, katana (with stand), metal basin, lantern, two plates with dango, a small teapot, a teacup with saucer, joints to hold items, and stickers (for the hanging scroll)

Play Set #02 A

Play Set #02 A

Play Set #02 B

Play Set #02 B

Play Set #02 A+B

Play Set #02 A

Play Set #02 B

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