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This nekomagic member HentaiZombie coming to you with a review of 1\6 Yuka Yoshii completed ploystone released by Q-Six early june 2010. This Ero-beauty was based upon a Takeda Hiromitsu’s illustration and was sculpted by Ryuu Ohyama. She stands about 17cm tall and has a price tag of around 17,800 yen. I know, i know expensive.

The thing i don’t get about this figure is why is she wearing a swimsuit with a Scarf & Beanie? Doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose? XD But i’ve never lay eyes upon the Tsundero manga, so i might be missing something. Anyhow on with the review.

  • Packaging:

Please excuse the horrible photo. It’s always nice when you receive graphically beautiful packaging along with your figure. But i do feel sorry for any comic store owners though. Because there is no way this would be placed on a display shelf in the public eye.

  • Something Strange:

Now i might not be up to date on things. But when i opened her box i found this strange little bottle full of mysterious white sticky and gooey liquid. At first i thought “Oh some glue!” 🙂 Then it hit me….why would i need glue for a completed figure? Seriously what the hell is it? Some sorta artificial snow or….you know :P. Anyhow it came with some sort of instructions. Can someone help me shed some light on this.

  • Figure:

Well it’s completely obvious Yuka Yoshii is totally comfortable with who she is and who’s wacthing. Look how cheeky she is with that cute little tounge out. *Coughs* Anyhow i’ve gotta say that this Yuka Yoshii has some gorgeous craftsmanship. Like every crease and muscle tone in her skin has been carefully planned out.

With a near completely naked figure you want an awesome skin tone paint job. And tell you what this figure lives up to that. Look at all subtle tanned brown skin tones from her knees right up to her arms. Like the craftsmanship, everything has been carefully planned out for perfection. But i’ve gotta say the paint job on the scarf and beanie is only satisfactory.

Just wanted to show you guys a close up shot of her tiny delicate hands. Just think there so beautiful. And no i don’t have a hand fetish. 😛

  • Other photos for your pleasure:

In the end i’m really happy that i went and killed my wallet for this figure. Because she is very sexy and a completely gorgeous all up in every category. Q-six should be pretty proud of themselfs at the moment. Because i think they will end up with alot more followers now, as some of their previous figures were fairly average.

I know i will! Already preodered 1\6 Swimsuit Girlfriend Mizuho Completed. You should too! 😀

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——Message from GGT——

Thank you Hentai Zombie for another review! I always want to buy some ero figure like this. But there is no way I can display it at home! You can read a bit more about this Yuka Yoshii figure here.

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