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This nekomagic member HentaiZombie bringing you guys & girls my first figure review on nekomagic ever. And what a figure to start off on. The original Ishinaga Sakurako character design of the Non-scaled Alice in eternal land\Neverland released by Questioners Mid Jun 2010. For a price of around 17,800 yen, depends on where you shop.

Now i don’t know to much about Questioners, only that they have released some questionable products like that Abe Takakazu dakimakura and the flying underwear set. So i think Questioners is very suitable name for the company.

  • Packaging:

Now i’m fan of packaging, since i keep 99% of my figures original boxing. So when she came with a beautiful stylish cylindrical box i was blown away.

  • Figure:

Now with a price tag of 17,800 yen there isn’t much of this creepy anorexia beauty. But i think it comes down to quality over quantity. Just look at the beautiful craftsmanship around her hip and collar bones. Also love how sharp her eyes are, they cut right through your soul!

Supposably even her eyelashes have been carefully hand-applied. What do you think?

  • The Ring:

The Alice in eternal land\Neverland also came along with size 12 .925 silver ring. Sorry i couldn’t bring you guys & girls a more detailed photo of it. For some reason my camera wouldn’t focus onto it. Anyhow the ring is really a crown for alice’s head. But to keep the damn thing ontop of her head is impossible. So for safety i just keep it aside her feet.

  • Base:

Awww look at that cute little red shoe! Then you see that ugly and unattractive base. The base is the only thing that receives any sort of criticism off me. It looks something that was designed right a the last minute.

  • Other Photos for your pleasure:

As you can obviously see she is very unique and i’ve never seen anything quite like it. I will admit she wouldn’t be for everyone though. Gotta have a required taste for horror i guess :P. But if you do end up picking her up in the near future a word of caution. She is extremely fragile.

In the end i think Questioners have a put a great deal of time and money into releasing a finished coldcast version of the original garage kit, which will leave a postive impact with collectors.

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——Message from GGT——

Thank you Hentai Zombie for the review! This Alice in Neverland GK is truly an unique lovely figure.You can read more about this figure here.

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