R-line Griffon Enterprises is going to release Steel Princess Ymir ( 鋼鉄姫ユーミル ) Loyal Purple Ver. ( ロイヤルパープルver. ) 1/7 PVC figure from the anime/ visual book “Queen’s Blade”. Will be released in November 2009, around 195mm tall, 7,600 yen. Castoffable.

You can pre-order her here 

Just like most of you, I’m not an alternate color person. Usually I like to stick with the original color no matter what. But this Loyal Purple Ver. Ymir does looks really good. When I first saw this figure, I thought she was the QB Rebellion version of Ymir. =P

Queen’s Blade season 2 Vol.0 promo

Official Queen’s Blade homepage

Official Queen’s Blade anime homepage

via Griffon Enterprises R-line