Daiki Kougyou is going to release the Ryomou Shimei ( 呂蒙子明 ) Shunya Yamashita edition ( 山下しゅんや版 )1/6 PVC from the manga/anime Ikkitousen ( 一騎当千 ). Will be released in January 2010. Around 275mm tall, 14,800 yen.

Here is the PVC figure of the Ryomou ShimeiSyunya Yamashita edition that we all hoping for! But why she has to be so expensive!!!! The GK was *just 17,143 yen (before tax), why would this PVC version cost almost 15,000 yen!? X'( It’s really a big ripoff. I still really want her but the price tag is way too scary for only a 1/6 scale PVC figure. I guess I’ll have to pass on this one. ='(

Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny OP

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via Daiki Kougyou