Kotobukiya is going to release the Charlotte Francia ( シャルロット・フランシア ) 1/10 PVC figure from the eroge “Quartett!” ( カルテット! ) published by Littlewitch. Will be released in February May 2010. Around 105mm tall, 3,800 yen.

Since Kotobukiya is publishing the artbook for “Ooyari Ashito” ( 大槍葦人 ), I know they will release some character figures that designed by him as well. FIY, Ooyari Ashito is the character designer of the eroge “Quartett!” and he is also the main character designer of the eroge company Littlewitch. His artworks are really really nice and I love it a lot. It’s like you’re reading an artbook when you’re playing the game (see the youtube clip below).

Let’s come back to the figure. I think Kotobukiya did a pertty good job on this Charlotte Francia figure. As you can see form the original Quartett! artwork, Ooyari Ashito used watercolor style through out game. It is impossible to imitate the watercolor style in the mass production PVC figure but Kotobukiya tried their best and I think the result is really impressive. I really love the color and her hair (except that big crack). She is a bit small to my liking tho. It would be better if she is 1/8, not 1/10 scale but I think I’ll get pre-order her anyway since she is so cheap. =P

the pāreu is castoffable! =D

Quartett! intro

Official Quartett! homepage

Official Ooyari Ashito personal blog

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