APLUS is going to release the Tamura Manami ( 田村麻奈実 ) 1/4.5 Polystone figure from the light novel/manga/anime “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute” ( 俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない ). Will be released in November 2011. Around 335mm tall, 13,500 yen. Figure will be prepainted & completed.

You can order her here

Another I-don’t-know-what-they’re-thinking figure from APLUS! I would understand that if they’re making Kirino or Kuroneko in this large scale, but who would want to buy Manami with such size and price tag???? And what happen to all the details? With such large 1/4.5 scale, the detail looks worse than those 1/10 scale figures form WAVE. =/

——Description from Manufacturer——

Manami Tamura has been made into a figure for the first time!
She is sculpted dressed in her school uniform with a gentle smile and as a bonus, “surprised pose” (head and arm parts) are included in the set!