Clayz is going to release the Resi-Carat Kuraki Suzuna ( 倉木鈴菜 ) 1/8 cold cast GK from the eroge/anime “Kao no Nai Tsuki” ( 顔のない月, Moonlight Lady). Will be released in January 2012. Around 70mm tall, 14 parts in total, 13,000 yen. Kit will be pre-painted but NOT pre-assembled.

Octobet 05, 2011: Updated with more images

After watched the Kao no Nai Tsuki preview on Youtube, I’m really surprised that I actually did watch the Kao no Nai Tsuki aniem before! I thougth I didn’t watch this kind of ero anime at all. XD

Anyway, here comes Resi-Carat Kuraki Suzuna 1/8 GK from Clayz! The Resi-Carat series GK are prepainted. All you need is some glue to put the parts together. Sounds really easy! =D

Kao no Nai Tsuki anime PV