Kaitendoh is going to release the Attractive Bosatsu ( 魅力菩薩 ) Superstar Gold ( スーパースターの金 ) 1/8 resin cast GK from the figure project “Moebutsu” ( もえぶつ ) by A-toys. Will be released in July 2011, 8,500 yen. Kit is prepainted & completed.

You can order her here

It took me quite some time to figure out what is “Moebutsu”. From what I found, “Moebutsu” is a figure project that A-toys planned back in 2008 and Kaitendoh just started to do it this year. The Moebutsu story is something like three highschool girls turned into three idols for some reasons. This Attractive Bosatsu is one of them.

Basically what they’re doing is putting moe elements and Buddha statue together. I’m really not a fan of this kind of idea. =/

——Description from Manufacturer——

Sculpted by ELLIOTT

Illustration by Hogerou Buruma

The ultra-popular idol Bosatsu Nakitaki, the “Greatest Beauty ever Conceived by Mankind”, has been realized in a brilliant new figure! Featuring unabashed beauty that you could calm a savage beast, let this figure instill you with a sense of peace and tranquility as well!

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