The Mega Hobby Expo Winter 2009 will be held on Feb 11, 2009 (Tomorrow). Thanks for Hobby Seach for the report and all the photos. As usual, since there are so many photo so I cut this post into 3 parts:


We just saw her couple days ago more info here

Menas from Queen’s Blade, will be released in April. More info here (18+)

Annelotte from Queen’s Blade Rebellion, will be released this month! More info here

THE iDOLM@STER figures! Seems like Megahouse is going to released another set of the with the new color custome.

Sakura Nanako! Will be released this month. Her top is castoffable as expected.
More info here

Re-relesed Hanako. I still think that the Daiki one looks better.

There two are the Mega Hobby Expo special! You can only purchase them there.

Hobby Japan

Hobby Japan 40th Anniversary Samurai Girls! =]


The Alchemist Military Adviser Huit from Queen’s Blade Rebellion.

Iroha from Queen’s Gate. Hobby Japan limited. More info here

Hobby Japan limited Menas. She is really expensive, like double $$$ of the normal Megahouse version.

Eye Up

SOL Internetional

via Hobby Stock