Volks Try-GK is going to release the Rio ( リオ ) 1/8 cold cast GK from the mascot of Tecmo’s pachislot machine series “Rio”. Will be released at Hobby Rouond 3 on April 18, 2010. Around 215mm tall, 10,000 yen. 16 parts in total. Kit is not pre-painted nor assembled.

Just like the Twin Angel that we had yestarday, since we don’t have any Pachinslot machine in North America, Rio isn’t so popular among western otaku. Some people (me) might not even know her at all. Rio is actually like a mascot of Tecmo, beside the pachislot machines, you can see her in another Tecom games sometime.

Let’s come back to this GK. Technically this Rio is the 4th GK of the Try-GK series (one Saber and two Yoko). The “Try-GK” series is a new (kinda) GK series that Volks make for the GK beginners. As a former GK builder myself, I can’t tell how it is designed for beginner tho.

Rio Paradise preview