Kotobukiya is going to release the Fate Testarossa ( フェイト・テスタロッサ ) Casual wear Ver. ( 私服Ver. ) 1/8 PVC figure form the anime movie “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st” ( 魔法少女リリカルなのは THE MOVIE 1st ). Will be released on March 2011. Around 165mm tall, 6,800 yen.

You can order her here

It sux, because of the extra hair part, this Fate is 1,000 yen more expensive than Nanoha Casual wear Ver. and she is same price as the Alter’s Fate now!

Before I thought I would went for the Kobukiya Nanoha+Fate because they were cheaper. Since this Fate from Kotobukiya is same price as the Alter’s, so should I go for the Alter’s instead of getting Kotobukiya’s now? The Alter one is bigger (1/7) but this Kotobukiya one comes with 2 hair styles. And when it comes to the product quality, Alter is so much better than Kotobukiya, but I really like the Kotobukiya’s Nanoha!! Aaaah…. I guess I’ll wait for the Nanoah from Alter before I can make my decision. =/

——Description from Manufacturer——

Fate in her casual wear seen in Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st.
Displayable with two Baldish variations: stand-by form or AX-form with special wrist.
Her hair style is also selectable from two types: normal or with Nanoha’s ribbons.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st trailer 3