Bandai is going to release the FW Macross Frontier The Movie NyanNyan Heroine 2nd STAGE ( 劇場版マクロスF 娘娘ヒロインズ 2nd STAGE ) trading figure from the anime movie “Macross Frontier The Movie: The Wings of Goodbye” ( 劇場版マクロスF -サヨナラノツバサ- ). Will be released in September October 2011. 800 yen each (6,400 yen for a BOX of 8 pieces). 4 kinds + 2 secrets in total.

Just woke up at 4am for no reason so I decided to post something and go back to sleep again. XD

——Description from Manufacturer——

Packed according to maker’s rate from all 4 types + 2 types.

This time, Sheryl and Ranka in climax costume from “Macross F: Sayonara Tsubasa” can be displayed next to each other!