Clayz is going to release the Resi-Carat Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel 2 ( 快盗天使ツインエンジェル2 ) School Uniform Ver. ( 制服Ver. ) non-scale cold cast GK from the Pachinslot/OVA/anime series “Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel 2” ( 快盗天使ツインエンジェル2 ). Will be released in July 2011. Around 60mm tall, 10,000 yen for a set of 3. Kit will be pre-painted but NOT assembled.

Just woke up at 4am for no reason so I decided to post something and go back to sleep again. XD

Here come the Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel 2 GK sets! Both School Uniform Ver. and Angel Ver. wil be available. Most of people might not be interested in them yet, but not until the Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel anime start on July 04! =D

There are the Clayz’s “Resi-Carat” series. They’re prepainted but not assembled. You need to put them together yourself. It’s really not hard, all you need is glue. You can check out this post here to see how easy it is.

  • Minaduki Haruka ( 水無月 遥 )

  • Kannaduki Aoi ( 神無月 葵 )

  • Hazuki Kurumi ( 葉月 クルミ )

Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel anime trailer