Pleasant Angels is going to release the LiPMATE Collection Lillian-chan ( リリアンちゃん ) 1/10 PVC figure, mascot of the eroge maker Lillian. Will be released in October December 2009 January 2010. Around 170mm tall (base included), 240mm tall with placard (base included), 6,800 yen. Castoffable. A Black Ver. will be also available.

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Lillian-chan is super MOE!Not to mention that she is castoffable! =D I don’t know if she does appear in any of the Lillian game, but she is the mascot of Lillian. There is even a “Lillian-chan Corner” in the Lillian homepage. This Lillian-chan figures comes with a lot of different parts.

  • Little Body with a big Ambition – Lillian-chan 140mm (1/10 scale)
  • Chocoriele (the cow) 15cm (1/10 scale)
  • The base supporting her ambition
  • Lillian troubling face part
  • The large Plascard (100mm x 60mm)
  • The replacement hand for holding the plascard
  • Message sticker
  • White board sticker

I really want to get this figure, but my pre-orders for Aug and Sept are really packed already. Let’s hope that I can still get her if I have more enough fund in Oct. (@@.

Official Lillian homepage (18+)

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