Aoshima is going to release the Mobip 002 Natsume Rin ( 棗鈴 ) action figure from the visual novel “Little Busters!” ( リトルバスターズ! ) published by Key. Will be released in July 2009. Around 130mm tall, 2,500 yen.

June 19, 2009: Updated with more pic

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Actually this post should be about both Mobip 001 Kamikita Komari (神北 小毬) and Mobip 002 Natsume Rin ( 棗鈴 ). But there are really not much photo about Kamikita Komari so I’ll skip her for now until we can get more photo of her. From the Aoshima website, both Kamikita Komari and Natsume Rin will be released in July 2009 and both are around 130mm tall and 2,500 yen each. (But from the photo in 48th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2009, Kamikita Komari is obviously taller than Natsume Rin)

After the sucessful Revoltech and figma by Kaiyodo and Max Factory, Bandai and Aoshima are decided to jump on the action figure bandwagon. This is a new action figure serise “Mobip” from Aoshima. For those who are not into plastic model, you might not know Aoshima at all. Aoshima is really famous for their plastic model like battle ships and cars. They are in the plastic model dustary for many years (since 1961), but they just started to get into PVC figure in the recently years. For those PVC figures they made, they looks pretty good to me. You can’t compare their quality to the top manufacturers like Alter or GSC, but they’re still above avarage.

The Mobip looks like the ripoff of figma to me, their size are really similar and the way they put the joints are almost identical. But from the photos below, the Mobip isn’t really poseable. Seems like you can’t pose the arms more than 90 degrees, and can’t bend the knees more than 60 degrees. But it’s just their first try, I’m sure Aoshima will improve it in the furture. Althought I’m not a fan of Kamikita Komari and Natsume Rin, I’m going to buy both of them.

**Mobip 001 Kamikita Komari ( 神北 小毬 ) sold separately**

Btw, the next Mobip will be Yui (and others?) from K-ON!, will be released in Autumn 2009

Little Busters! OP

Official Little Busters! homepage

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