Giga Pules is going to release the Sousou ( 曹操 ) and Junniku ( 荀彧 ) 1/8 PVC figure from the eroge “Koihime + Muso” ( 恋姫†無双 ) in September 2008. Sousou solo version is 6,060 yen. The DX Sousou & Junniku version is 11,025 yen.

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I just realize that I don’t really play eroge at all. I never play any of the eroge that the figures came from included this one. I think Koihime Muso is really popular, why? Because the anime is coming out this July! It gonna be another big hit just like Ikkitousen in the ero anime and ero figure industry. XD

Sousou Solo version:

DX Sousou & Junniku version:

Original size and uncensored pic at download section
(well, at least they’re not censored by me)

Offical Koihime Muso eroge homepage (18+)

Offical Koihime Muso anime homepage