Griffon Enterprises is going to release the Kusugawa Sasara (久寿川 ささら) school swimsuit maid version (スク水メイドver.) 1/7 PVC figure from the eroge “ToHeart2″ published by Leaf/AQUAPLUS. Will be released in September 2008. Around 135mm tall, 6,400 yen.

You can order her here

See, I’m so right! Griffon is really making this”School Swimsuit Maid version” Sarara in PVC! (Read this post for more detail) “Limited version” is not so limited nowaday if you don’t care about resin coldcast or PVC. =P

This figure is really really nice IMO. The picutres below are from the GK version, let’s hope that the PVC version will look as good. It’s gonna be in my “to buy” list. =D

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Original size pic at download section

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