Neko House ( 山猫亭 ) is going to release the Hirasawa Ui ( 平沢憂 ) non-scale cold cast GK from the manga/anime “K-ON!” ( けいおん! ). Will be released in the Treasure-Festa 2010 in Ariake 3 on May 04, 2010. 10,000 yen. Only 30 pieces will be available. Kit is not per-painted nor assembled.

I guess I’m done today. I spent the whole afternoon posting the GK news and I really need a break. X( Well, here comes Hirasawa Ui by Neko House! Neko House is one of the popular figure circles in the figure scene. They made all of the iDOLM@STER figure for Megahouse and some other figures for the other manufacturers too.

That explains why this Hirasawa Ui GK looks soooooooooo nice! For sure this is one of the best K-ON! figure so far. Most of other sculptors like to make the K-ON! girls with long legs and slim bodies. But that’s not how they look like in the anime nor the manga. I like how Neko House handle the body and legs proportion of Ui here. This should be how Ui looks like in the anime! =]

You will find Neko House at table “C ケ34″ at Treasure-Festa 2010 in Ariake 3.

Lovely sister Love