Piyo Piyo Do ( ぴよぴよ堂 ) is going to release the Sengoku Nadeko ( 千石撫子 ) 1/7 cold cast GK from the light novel/anime “Bakemonogatari” ( 化物語 ). Will be released in the Treasure-Festa 2010 in Ariake 3 on May 04, 2010. 5,000 yen, 9 parts in total. Kit is not per-painted nor assembled.

Here is the second GK by Piyo Piyo Do which is first released on TF2010 Ariake3 today. I thougth the Sengoku Nadeko by Befull I posted earlier today was great already, but then I saw this Nadeko by Piyo Piyo Do and wow, I think this is even better! I like the green hair version a lot. I always like the green hair Nadeko in the OP more than the regular black hair Nadeko. =D

You will find Piyo Piyo Do at table “C シ 10″ at Treasure-Festa 2010 in Ariake 3.

Bakemonogatari Track2 Nadeko Ver.